Spring Break in San Franscisco is a great time to check out everything the city offers. The temperature in San Francisco is mild during the spring months. Some of the popular neighborhoods include the downtown area and the Wharf which are popular with tourists. Union Square and the North Beach neighborhood are great for spring breakers who want to get away from the mainstream.

The Downtown area is a great place to start since it is close to many San Francisco hotels. Try some of these happening and accessible parties before moving on to some other neighborhoods. Locals enjoy eating and One Market and Zuni Café. Popular nightlife includes the Cellar, Bimbos 365 and Glass Kat Nightclub. Luckily, the downtown area creeps into the Warf, so plan on heading towards the water next.

The Fishermans Wharf area, a popular place among San Franscisco spring break tourists, offers plenty of party opportunities. Family-friendly activities attract tourists during the day, but restaurants, bars and clubs attract spring break enthusiasts at night. Check out Vesuvio, the Bubble Lounge or the Holding Factory, some of the Warf’s most popular bars. Or check out some of the niche clubs such as, karaoke and wine spots.

Union Square is one of San Francisco’s most popular nightlife areas and offers plenty of parties and is also close to San Francisco hotels. The legalization of absinthe, that green-colored liquor that tastes like licorice, has created a variety of absinthe bars, and Absinthe Brasserie and Bar in this neighborhood is a popular late-night hang spot. Or for some crazier fun, check out Swing or Bar Jules. For some good eats, try the Fallaron Restaurant or the Paul K. Restaurant.

The North Beach area of San Francisco is a great place to get off the beaten trail of the downtown, Warf and tourist areas. This area is perfect for those who want to be a little independent during spring break. Some restaurants and clubs worth checking out in this area include, Sip Lounge, Rouge Alehouse, Vesuvio and the Condor Club.
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