Everyone loves San Francisco, and the Bay Area and dreams of living here. However, changing conditions have made find the right housing in San Fransisco more challenging. A new reality is seeing homes on the market for 30-60 days, a change from a few years ago. However, with buyers and sellers both figuring out the reality of the present market for housing in San Fransisco, you can take certain steps to assure a faster sale at a favorable price. 

1. Stage it right. Especially with a more expensive home that might be priced above $2.5 million, it's essential to show the home at its best. Although recent technology can help show a house with virtual staging, staging the real home allows potential buyers to image living there as they walk through the door. 

2. Price it realistically. You want to price it close to what you actually want, not far below. Your pricing should reflect the current market, although it needs to stand out against competition of a similar home. Overpricing your home can make buyers shy away from your property; after seeing it in person, they could dig a little deeper to make an offer that's for a bit more than what was planned. 

3. Prepare for great snacks at your open house. You want people who come through to imagine entertaining while they feel at home in your kitchen area. Even top-selling realtors® in San Francisco like to be helped by wine and cheese or treats such as tea and cookies. More people will visit the house when great snacks are available. 

4. Make it look nice. Even though your home is in this beautiful city, you should make sure that the curb appeal is not ignored. From updating your landscaping to fresh paint on fences and the front door, your home can be more appealing to buyers.

Windows should be washed both inside and out. Wash and/or paint the exterior. Gutters should look good and be firmly attached to the home. Your home should be in great condition before it's listed in order to get the price you desire. 

Document any repairs or renovations and check to make sure all wiring or structural damage has been repaired. If it needs to be done, be sure the buyer is aware of this. 

5. Effective Agents and their services. Seek out the best. Finding the best performing realtors® in San Francisco is an important step that you can take to assure a timely sale. They might have a more developed sphere of influence and know how to generate buzz about your home. Closing comes more quickly, and you may get multiple offers if choosing representation from among the top realtors in San Francisco. 

These are just a few of the things that you can do to ensure that your house sells more quickly and at a price that is satisfactory.

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